Smart Audits

Organizational analysis with smart AI technology

With AI-based Smart Audits, we analyze the core areas of your organization and create a clear report that reveals the need for transformation and valuable potentials.

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Understand where changes are necessary and make sense

Smart Audits are designed for healthcare and give you a holistic view of the key areas of your organization. Our AI analyzes the valuable input of your employees, extracts profound insights, and thus exceeds the capabilities of traditional analysis tools.

As a result, you will receive an audit report tailored to your organization, revealing the need for transformation and potentials, and providing transparency and clarity for informed decisions. In addition, you can ask our AI questions, which it answers right away based on your data.

Artificial intelligence is the window through which we expand the horizon of human possibilities.
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Designed for healthcare organizations

Smart Audits are ideal for healthcare organizations that want to drive their individual transformation. Whether you are a small doctor's office, an established hospital, or an innovative startup - Smart Audits provide valuable insights and impulses that support you on your path of change.

Holistic analysis of your organization

Configure your individual Smart Audit by choosing from a variety of audit modules. With sufficient data basis, our AI generates a tailor-made, multidimensional audit report. View your organization from various perspectives and see at a glance where there is a need for transformation and where you can unlock potentials. The audit report also contains actionable insights and recommendations.

Smart Audit modules

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    Culture, values and identity of the organization
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    Vision, objectives and strategic direction
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    Leadership style, decision-making and management
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    Policies, structures and processes in the organization
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    Communication paths, feedback and dialogue culture
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    Collaboration, interaction and team dynamics
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    Digital transformation and new technologies
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    Skills and competencies of employees
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    Process automation and artificial intelligence
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    Flexibility and adaptability to changes
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    Environmental consciousness and social responsibility
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    Diversity, inclusion and equality

Our AI answers your questions right away

If you have any further questions after reviewing your audit report, our AI is ready to answer them right away. Benefit from real-time answers that are generated based on your data. With nuuminds' AI, you have a personal data scientist who specializes in your organization.

Discover your organization's potential!

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Smart Audit process

1. Module Selection

Choose from the available modules such as Strategy, Leadership, Technology, or Sustainability to create your personalized Smart Audit. These modules are tailored to the specific needs of your organization.


2. Distribution of Audits

Decide who should participate in the Smart Audit. Send out participation links that work optimally on all kinds of computer and mobile devices. This is how your audit starts effectively.


3. AI-based Analysis

Once enough audits have been received, start the AI-supported evaluation. Our AI analyzes the audits and generates a comprehensive audit report within seconds. You can lean back and wait for the results.


4. Evaluation of the Report

Evaluate the audit report and discover the need for transformation as well as the potential of your organization. You can ask further questions that the AI will answer directly based on your data.


5. Transformation Planning

We analyze your audit report together and discuss the results. Based on this, we derive specific transformation goals and plan effective measures to implement changes sustainably in your organization.

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Possible use cases for Smart Audits

  • check Strategic orientation: Gain a better understanding of your organization's vision, mission, and goals to design and implement effective strategies.
  • check Agile dynamics: Identify your organization's agile potentials to respond quickly to changes and gain competitive advantages.
  • check Digital progress: Determine your digital maturity level to make your organization more effective with innovative technology and to optimize and automate processes.
  • check Cultural coherence: Explore the cultural identity and values within your organization to promote motivating work environments through purpose and meaningful work.
  • check Effective interaction: Uncover communication paths and dynamics to ensure effective collaboration of your teams and stakeholders.
  • check Sustainable commitment: Determine your level of sustainability to raise awareness of environmental and social responsibilities and comply with legal obligations.

Benefits of Smart Audits

  • check Lay the foundation for effective transformation
  • check Identify transformation needs and potentials
  • check Analyze data quickly and easily with AI
  • check Support informed decision-making
  • check Help to develop effective measures

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Request Smart Audit

Answers to your questions

What are Smart Audits and how do they work?
Smart Audits are AI-based analyses where you interact with an artificial intelligence. During a Smart Audit, you answer questions step by step, which are analyzed and evaluated by the AI in real-time. This gives you valuable insights that help you make informed decisions.
What insights do I gain through Smart Audits?
The analysis of the entered answers provides you with insights into operational efficiency, potentials for optimization, and identifies fields of action. These insights enable you to make informed decisions and develop targeted measures that promote your organization.
How do I integrate Smart Audits into my existing workflows?
Our modular analysis toolkit is designed so that you can quickly and easily create customized Smart Audits for your organization and roll them out. This gives you a comprehensive picture of your organization and enables you to monitor the effectiveness of measures.
How secure are Smart Audits in terms of data protection?
In Smart Audits, security and data protection are of the highest priority. Neither personal data nor information that could identify your organization are transmitted to the AI. Data transmission takes place using encryption and comprehensive security measures to ensure data integrity and the protection of your information.
What benefits do Smart Audits offer me?
AI-supported Smart Audits offer numerous benefits, such as increasing operational efficiency, informed decision-making, and targeted measure development. They promote transparency and clarity and enable you to fully unlock the potential of your organization and drive continuous improvements.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write us an email at - we look forward to hearing from you!