Tailored training programs for purposeful growth

With tailored systemic trainings, we help to achieve individual learning objectives and establish sound knowledge and future-proof skills that promote personal and professional growth.

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We develop interactive learning experiences for you

Leverage our expertise in the design and implementation of your training and education offerings. Whether it's executive training, agile project management courses or communication training - we design and moderate interactive learning experiences for sustainable growth.

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Potential topics

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    Culture, values and identity of the organization
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    Leadership style, decision-making and management
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    Communication, feedback and dialogue culture
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    Collaboration, interaction and team dynamics
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    Digital transformation and new technologies
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    Process automation and artificial intelligence
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    Flexibility and adaptability to change
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    Environmental awareness and social responsibility
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    Individually prepared topics of interest

Online and on-site

Whether you appreciate the flexibility of online training or prefer the personal encounter in the context of in-house training - we make it possible. We are experienced in handling various online collaboration tools, but if necessary, we are also happy to organize suitable training rooms. This way, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin

Effects of training

  • check Improves expertise and competencies
  • check Promotes continuous learning
  • check Increases employee satisfaction
  • check Supports career development
  • check Enhances employee retention

Achieve your individual learning objectives

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Answers to your questions

What is systemic training?
Systemic training is a unique approach to professional development that takes into account the interrelationships and dynamics within a system, whether it be an individual, a team, or a company. It understands and treats each system as a whole and acknowledges that changes in one part of the system can have impacts on the entire system.
Who is systemic training suitable for?
Systemic training is suitable for anyone looking to expand their professional skills and personal competencies. Regardless of industry or position, it offers value to anyone looking to gain a comprehensive view of complex situations and enhance their ability to act - from individuals and teams to executives.
What are the benefits of systemic training?
Systemic training can help develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the dynamics and interconnections within a system. It can foster improved communication, more effective problem-solving strategies, increased collaboration, and improved overall functioning of the system. In addition, it can help facilitate and manage changes at the systemic level.
How long does systemic training last?
The duration of systemic training can vary and depends on several factors, including the specific training objectives, the complexity of the system to be addressed, and the available resources. Individual training sessions can last from a few hours to a day, while more comprehensive training programs can be spread out over weeks or months.
What distinguishes systemic training from other approaches?
Unlike many other training approaches that focus on individual skills or behaviors, systemic training takes into account the interactions and relationships between the different parts of a system. It acknowledges that change and development occur at the systemic level and aims to understand and influence the entire system, rather than just individual components.

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