Artificial intelligence

Take your organization to a new level with AI

Together we activate the AI booster in your organization. With advanced AI technologies, we help you unleash unimagined power and reach new performance dimensions.

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Opportunities for using AI

  • check Chatbots and virtual assistants: Provision of constantly available services that answer inquiries around the clock.
  • check Automation: Increase in productivity through the automation of recurring tasks and processes.
  • check Analysis and Predictions: Improvement of decision-making through data-based analysis and forecasts.
  • check Business Optimization: Improvement of workflows and productivity through intelligent AI tools and plugins.
  • check Personalization: Ensuring personalized user experiences through tailored services.
  • check Communication: Improvement of internal and external communication through AI-based language models.

A new era of productivity begins with AI


Of tasks that absorb employees' time could be automated by generative AI.


Time savings through the use of AI tools in the field of development.


Of companies use AI-supported chatbots or plan their use in the future.

Unlock your AI potential with our agile approach

With our innovative Smart Audit technology, we uncover the AI potential of your company. In the next step, we work together with your team in interactive workshops to develop realistic application scenarios for AI and set priorities.

On this basis, we design an individual transformation plan that enables targeted and effective integration of AI in your company. Beyond planning, we are at your side during the entire implementation of your transformation project as well as in the final evaluation.

With our agile approach, we enable a step-by-step integration of AI in your company. Clear, recurring cycles ensure full transparency, allow dynamic decisions, and promote continuous development.

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Your complete package for ai transformation

With our modular service portfolio, we create tailor-made transformation paths for your specific project. We structure and moderate your entire transformation process to ensure a smooth and results-oriented workflow. This allows you to fully concentrate on the upcoming change.

Service portfolio

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    Smart Audits for company analysis
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    Systemic consulting of companies
  • box icon
    Systemic facilitation of meetings and workshops
  • box icon
    Systemic individual and team coaching
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    Systemic training for mediation of contents
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    Systemic mediation for conflict resolution
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    Agile project management and interim management
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    Design sprints, concepts and prototypes
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    Implementation of web apps and AI chatbots

Your contact for AI in healthcare

Tobias Grawinkel has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of AI and health. He is happy to help you discover opportunities for the use of AI in your company.

  • check Degree in Health Management & eHealth
  • check Over 12 years of experience in the IT & Health industry
  • check Experience as CPO in healthcare
  • check Certified Business Coach & Trainer
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With Artificial Intelligence, you have the potential to make the impossible possible.

Your advantages through AI

  • check Increases productivity through automation
  • check Promotes data-driven decisions
  • check Reduces costs through time savings
  • check Frees employees from tedious tasks
  • check Enables 24/7 service offerings

Leverage the potential of AI

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