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We support you in discovering the digital potential of your organization and developing a digital strategy. Additionally, we empower your workforce to effectively implement changes.

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Unlock your digital potential with our agile approach

With our innovative Smart Audit technology, we uncover the digital potential of your company. In the next step, we work together with your team in interactive workshops to develop realistic application scenarios for digital transformation and set priorities.

On this basis, we design an individual transformation plan that enables targeted and effective integration of digital technology in your company. Beyond planning, we are at your side during the entire implementation of your transformation project as well as in the final evaluation.

With our agile approach, we enable a step-by-step integration of digital technology in your company. Clear, recurring cycles ensure full transparency, allow dynamic decisions, and promote continuous development.

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Your complete package for digital transformation

With our modular service portfolio, we create tailor-made transformation paths for your specific project. We structure and moderate your entire transformation process to ensure a smooth and results-oriented workflow. This allows you to fully concentrate on the upcoming change.

Service portfolio

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    Smart Audits for company analysis
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    Systemic consulting of companies
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    Systemic facilitation of meetings and workshops
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    Systemic individual and team coaching
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    Systemic training for mediation of contents
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    Systemic mediation for conflict resolution
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    Agile project management and interim management
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    Design sprints, concepts and prototypes
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    Implementation of web and AI apps

Your contact for digital transformation in healthcare

Tobias Grawinkel has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of innovation and healthcare. He will be happy to accompany you during your digital transformation.

  • check Degree in Health Management & eHealth
  • check Over 12 years of experience in the IT & Health industry
  • check Experience as CPO in healthcare
  • check Certified Business Coach & Trainer
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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
Stephen Hawking

Benefits of digital transformation

  • check Optimizes work processes through technology
  • check Improves collaboration within the company
  • check Supports data-driven decisions
  • check Enables digital patient care
  • check Increases efficiency through automation

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Answers to your questions

What is the difference between digitization and digital transformation?
Digitization involves converting analog data, processes, and systems into digital form, while digital transformation is a broader process that involves adapting organizations to leverage the potential of digital technologies, including changes in culture, structure, and processes.
What is digital transformation in healthcare?
Digital transformation in healthcare is a systemic development process that enables organizations to leverage the potential of digitization. It requires profound systemic changes, including the adaptation of work processes and the development of staff.
Why is digital transformation in healthcare important?
Digital transformation can make healthcare delivery more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-friendly. It can help improve access to healthcare services, increase the quality of healthcare delivery, and enhance patient health monitoring.
What are the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare?
Digital transformation enables healthcare organizations to improve and automate their business processes and offerings through the use of digital technologies. This can lead to higher efficiency, flexibility, and scalability and opens up new opportunities for interacting with patients and business partners. It can also help reduce costs and develop new business models and revenue streams.
What happens in the digital transformation of healthcare?
In the digital transformation of healthcare, various aspects of organizations are examined and systematically developed, including the analysis of digital maturity and innovation potential, the development of a digital strategy and roadmap, the selection and implementation of new technologies, the inclusion, qualification, and development of personnel, the optimization of business models and processes, and the development of new offerings and services for patients.
Who participates in the digital transformation of healthcare?
The digital transformation of a healthcare organization requires collaboration among departments such as IT, corporate communications, medical care, administration, and personnel. A core team of representatives from these departments takes responsibility for the implementation, supported by a high-ranking executive who actively drives the transformation and provides resources. External consultants and experts may be brought in to contribute specific expertise.
What methods are used in the digital transformation of healthcare?
Various methods and tools are used in the digital transformation of healthcare, including systemic organizational development and consulting, individual and team coaching, workshops and training, system dynamics and systemic innovation management, digital strategy development and roadmapping, creative methods like design Thinking and agile methods like Scrum or Kanban. The choice of methods depends on the specific situation and goals of the organization, and it is often a combination of different methods that is used.
How long does digital transformation take in healthcare?
The duration of a digital transformation in healthcare can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the changes, as well as how well prepared the organization is for them. To ensure sustainability and success, it's important to carry out the transformation in smaller steps and iterations. Generally, a digital transformation takes several months to a few years.
What is the cost of digital transformation in healthcare?
The cost of a digital transformation in healthcare depends on many factors, such as the size and type of the organization, the scope of the changes, the technologies used, and the duration of the project. To make informed decisions and realistically estimate costs, it's crucial for organizations to precisely define their requirements and goals. While there may be upfront costs, a digital transformation can lead to enormous savings in the long term through automation, efficiency improvements, and the ability to develop new business models.

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