Cultivate a sustainable future for your organization

Together, we'll find ways for you to make your organization even more sustainable. We'll help you develop a sustainability strategy and implement it successfully.

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Unlock your sustainability potential with our agile approach

With our innovative Smart Audit technology, we uncover the sustainability potential of your company. In the next step, we work together with your team in interactive workshops to develop realistic application scenarios for sustainable transformation and set priorities.

On this basis, we design an individual transformation plan that enables targeted and effective integration of sustainability in your company. Beyond planning, we are at your side during the entire implementation of your transformation project as well as in the final evaluation.

With our agile approach, we enable a step-by-step integration of sustainability in your company. Clear, recurring cycles ensure full transparency, allow dynamic decisions, and promote continuous development.

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Your complete package for sustainable transformation

With our modular service portfolio, we create tailor-made transformation paths for your specific project. We structure and moderate your entire transformation process to ensure a smooth and results-oriented workflow. This allows you to fully concentrate on the upcoming change.

Service portfolio

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    Smart Audits for company analysis
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    Systemic consulting of companies
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    Systemic facilitation of meetings and workshops
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    Systemic individual and team coaching
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    Systemic training for mediation of contents
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    Systemic mediation for conflict resolution
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    Agile project management and interim management
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    Design sprints, concepts and prototypes
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    Implementation of web and AI apps

Your contact for sustainability in healthcare

Martin Große has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of sustainability and healthcare. He will be happy to accompany you during your sustainable transformation.

  • check Diploma in Industrial Engineering
  • check Degree in Sustainable Development Cooperation
  • check Over 12 years of experience in the healthcare sector
  • check Including 7 years of experience as a Managing Director
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Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it's a necessity for the future of healthcare.
Leanne McQueen

Effects of sustainability

  • check Reduces the CO2 footprint
  • check Saves costs through energy efficiency
  • check Improves reputation and brand image
  • check Creates healthier working conditions
  • check Promotes ethics and social responsibility

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Answers to your questions

What is sustainability in healthcare?
Sustainability in healthcare involves the responsible use of natural resources without compromising future generations' needs. It balances ecological, social, and economic aspects to promote a healthy and equitable society in the long term.
Why is sustainability in healthcare important?
Sustainability is essential because health and the environment are interconnected. A sustainable healthcare approach improves health, reduces the health sector's environmental impact, and ensures environmentally friendly and resource-saving operations.
What are examples of sustainability in healthcare?
Examples include reducing waste, using eco-friendly anesthesia gases, saving energy through efficient building technology, utilizing renewable energy, and promoting environmentally friendly mobility concepts.
How can healthcare organizations become more sustainable?
Organizations can adopt environmentally friendly technologies, optimize waste management, introduce energy-saving procedures, educate patients and employees, and collaborate with community partners to develop sustainable solutions.
What is the sustainable transformation in healthcare?
The sustainable transformation is a systemic development process that enables organizations to harness sustainability potential. It requires systemic changes, work process adaptation, and personnel development.
Why should healthcare organizations focus on sustainability?
Focusing on sustainability offers cost savings, enhances reputation, reduces risks, fosters innovation, and demonstrates corporate social responsibility.
How does sustainability impact the quality of healthcare?
Sustainability improves healthcare quality by creating healthier work environments, ensuring resource availability, promoting a healthy environment for patients and communities, and guaranteeing efficient, cost-effective healthcare.
What contribution does sustainability make in nursing care?
Sustainability in nursing care encompasses environmental friendliness, ethics, social responsibility, patient orientation, and social engagement while preserving resources for future generations.
What are the challenges in implementing sustainability in the health care sector?
Challenges include providing financial resources, securing political support, raising awareness, implementing changes in established systems, and gathering data on sustainability effects in healthcare.

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