Clear goals and paths in healthcare professions

In systemic individual and team coaching, we help formulate clear goals and achieve them step by step. Along the way, we assist in overcoming obstacles and unfolding potentials.

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Meet your coach

Tobias Grawinkel combines his expertise in innovation and health with his passion for personal development. As a systemic coach, he prepares the creative ground for your growth.

  • check Degree in Health Management & eHealth
  • check Over 12 years of experience in the IT & health industry
  • check Experience as a top manager in healthcare
  • check Certified Business Coach & Trainer
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Coaching pays off


Higher performance
among employees with a strong sense of belonging.


Higher employee retention
in organizations that offer coaching to employees.


Higher profitability
for organizations that invest in employee experience.

The right coaching for your next steps

No matter whether you want to deepen your leadership skills as a manager, optimize your role in the team as a specialist, or want to work more effectively as a team - we have the right coaching format for you and your concern.

Our coaching offer

Executive Coaching
As an executive in healthcare, you are constantly confronted with complex challenges. Our executive coaching provides you with an experienced sparring partner who supports you in promoting innovation and developing sustainable leadership strategies. Benefit from a confidential space to reflect on leadership issues, discover new perspectives, and make strategic decisions. We offer you the opportunity to develop further in a safe environment and to fulfill your leadership role in a sustainable and future-oriented way.
Leadership Coaching
Your role as a healthcare leader and your self-management skills are the focus of our leadership coaching. Discover new ways to deal with challenges, resolve conflicts, and lead your team effectively. Learn how to optimally use your emotional resources and leadership strengths to increase your leadership quality and impact. In addition, we support you in finding a balanced life balance that allows you to shine both professionally and privately.
Expert Coaching
As an expert in healthcare, you play a crucial role in your team and your organization. Our expert coaching supports you in fully unlocking your potential and optimally fulfilling your role in the team. We offer you innovative methods and tools that help you increase your performance, improve your communication, and collaborate more effectively. Whether it's about developing new skills or improving your life balance - we accompany you on your journey.
Team Coaching
Teams are more than the sum of their members. Our team coaching supports your team in understanding each other better, working together more effectively, and achieving high performance. Through innovative methods and approaches, we promote a positive team dynamic, increase motivation, and create a strong sense of community. Together you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals while building a sustainable work culture.
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Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximize their own performance
John Whitmore

Our coaching process

1. Initial contact

In a free initial consultation, we get to know each other and find out if the chemistry is right. We also discuss your concerns and answer your questions about coaching.


2. Tailored offer

We create a personalized coaching offer for you. You decide when you want to start your coaching and in which format it should take place.


3. Goal setting

At the start of your coaching, we jointly clarify the goals of your personal development journey. We establish both the success criteria and the timeline for your transformation.


4. Coaching sessions

In the coaching sessions, we encourage you to think forward with targeted impulses. We support you in adopting new perspectives, finding effective solutions, and implementing them successfully.


5. Final reflection

At the end of the coaching, we take the time to reflect on the entire process together. We develop strategies to sustainably anchor the progress and changes achieved.


Online and on-site

Whether you value the flexibility of online coaching or prefer the personal closeness of in-house coaching - we make it possible. We support you exactly where you can best unfold your potential.

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Possible occasions for coaching in healthcare

  • check Role transitions: Support for leaders and experts who want to take on new roles or grow into their current roles.
  • check Dealing with change: Support for successfully implementing organizational changes and navigating through change.
  • check Stress and conflicts: Help in coping with work pressure and navigating in conflict-rich situations.
  • check Competence development: Promotion of skills such as effective communication, decision-making and conflict resolution.
  • check Team dynamics: Support to improve communication, collaboration, and relationship building within teams.
  • check Life balance: Support for leaders and staff in finding a healthy balance between professional and private life.

Effects of coaching

  • check Increased job satisfaction
  • check Improved relationships within the organization
  • check Stronger retention of professionals and leaders
  • check Increased productivity and efficiency
  • check Better quality of care

Unfold your potential!

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Answers to your questions

What is systemic coaching?
Systemic coaching takes a holistic perspective that considers the entire environment of the coachee. This includes personal and professional relationships as well as the general environment. The coach supports the coachee in identifying influential patterns and relationships and enables the development of new perspectives and strategies.
Who can benefit from coaching?
Coaching is beneficial for a wide variety of people and situations. It is particularly helpful for leaders who want to improve their strategies and promote innovative ideas. Professionals can also benefit from coaching by optimizing their role in the team and improving their communication and collaboration. Teams as a whole can also benefit from coaching to improve their dynamics and performance, promote communication, and create a strong sense of community.
What are the benefits of coaching?
The benefits of coaching are diverse. They can range from increased job satisfaction to improved internal relationships to increased productivity and quality of performance. Coaching can also help to bind professionals and executives more closely to the organization.
When should you consider coaching?
Coaching can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, during role changes, change processes, stress and conflict management, competency development, and improving team dynamics. Coaching can also be helpful when looking for a healthy work-life balance.
What does a typical coaching process look like?
The coaching process begins with a introductory meeting, followed by a tailored coaching offer. After clarifying the details of the assignment, the coaching sessions begin. At the end of the process, the coach and coachee reflect together and develop strategies to sustainably anchor the progress made.
How does a coaching session work?
A coaching session typically lasts between 60, 90, or 120 minutes. We use different methods and interventions to achieve the defined coaching goal. This can include systemic questioning and various self-reflection and self-perception exercises.
How often should I have coaching sessions?
The number of coaching sessions depends on your particular issue. Some topics can be addressed in one or two sessions, while more comprehensive self-development processes may require six or more sessions. Typically, there are about two to three weeks between sessions.
Is coaching confidential?
Yes, all content of a coaching session remains strictly confidential. What is discussed in a coaching session stays between the coach and coachee. This creates a safe space where challenges, concerns, and goals can be discussed openly and directly.
Can the success of coaching be measured?
The success of coaching is indeed measurable. First, a clear goal is defined. Throughout the coaching process, the coach and coachee regularly check progress. This includes not only the goals achieved, but also the insights gained and abilities developed. We use a scale to assess objectives and their achievement in each session. Additionally, we reflect on the progress and process between sessions and at the end of the collaboration.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write us an email at - we look forward to hearing from you!